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Camp Chef is an American brand that began in 1990 with the goal of helping to create a better way to cook outdoors. Many campers and sportsmen desired to cook outdoors but lacked the equipment.

Camp Chef manufactured products to help these individuals and soon branched out into products for the home.

Camp Chef maintains strict quality control measures and ensures that every one of its carefully designed products meets the company’s utmost standards before reaching the hands of consumers.

Quick Summary

  • Camp Chef is located in Cache Valley, Utah, where all of the product design and testing takes place.
  • The grills themselves are made in China, while the majority of the parts and materials are sourced internationally.
  • The majority of outdoor cooking equipment available in the US is manufactured in China despite being based in the US, and there are several reasons for this.

Where Are Camp Chef Grills Made?

factory warehouse

Camp Chef is an American grill brand that started out by helping the outdoor enthusiast with limited means of cooking and soon branched out into creating products for every home cooking enthusiast to enjoy, with a range of fire pits, smokers, gas grills, and pellet grills.

Camp Chef Grills are designed and tested at the Camp Chef headquarters in Cache Valley, Utah.

The headquarters are surrounded by the Bear River Mountain Range, making for the ideal environment for product testing.

In order to ensure that Camp Chef, as a company, is able to keep its pricing at a competitive level while retaining access to some of the best and most well-equipped factory facilities in the world, Camp Chef decided to move its manufacturing to China.

While the manufacturing itself occurs in China, the majority of the parts and materials are internationally sourced, and the company maintains strict control over the quality of its products at every step of the production process.

This is a popular move amongst many of the most popular outdoor cooking brands, including Coleman and Bayou Classic.

There is an unfortunate stigma that is generally attached to products produced in China, but Camp Chef assures its clients of extremely high-quality products that are well suited to long-term use. 

The company, on the whole, is fully dedicated to every aspect of outdoor cooking, and they are constantly striving to improve their offerings with each passing year.

New and improved products are released on a regular basis to ensure that Camp Chef customers are always satisfied.

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A Short History of Camp Chef

camp chef grill

Camp Chef is an American grill brand that started out by establishing a better way for campers and sportsmen to cook outdoors.

The company first developed a system to help the average sportsman or camper who was previously lacking outdoor cooking equipment.

Established in 1990, the company realized that there simply had to be a better way to cook outdoors than the ways in which people were embarking on their outdoor cooking at the time.

At the time, there were countless campers and sportsmen who wished to be able to cook for themselves while adventuring outdoors but simply didn't have the right equipment. Camp Chef initially designed a cooking system that was able to solve their needs.

This cooking system, originally intended to meet the needs of the outdoorsman, quickly expanded into an exceptionally versatile cooking system that boasted multiple accessories.

The use of accessories allowed any outdoor cook to start experimenting and allowed them to create a wide range of meals during their adventures that they would not previously have been able to create.

The product range grew to include BBQ boxes, pizza ovens, and flattop griddles. This meant that it became possible to perform almost any cooking task in the great outdoors, including grilling, baking, boiling, frying, and steaming.

After the incredible success of their cooking system for the outdoor enthusiast, Camp Chef launched a range of products to be used at home, whether on the patio or in the backyard.

Since this time, Camp Chef has been expanding its product range to include countless innovative products to suit any outdoor cooking enthusiast, whether at home or in the wild.

Camp Chef Grills vs Traeger Grills


Traeger is a very well-known brand that is known for having created the first pellet grill. Once the patent ran its course, many outdoor cooking brands jumped at the opportunity to produce their own version of this extremely innovative outdoor cooking product.

Camp Chef was one such company that expanded its already successful product range to include pellet grills similar to those produced by Traeger.

Camp Chef has always been synonymous with quality and affordability, and their pellet grills are no exception to this.

This has helped the Camp Chef brand to establish itself alongside more expensive pellet grill brands such as the original Traeger pellet grills.

Traeger grills were patented in 1985 by Joe Traeger, which helped the brand to establish itself as the original manufacturer of pellet grills.

Much like Camp Chef, Traeger has its headquarters in the US but manufactures its products in China for the most part.

Naturally, Traeger pellet grills are significantly more expensive than those made by Camp Chef. The highest in the range produced by Traeger is around $2000, while the most expensive Camp Chef grill can be purchased for around half that price.

While Camp Chef is synonymous with excellent quality, Traeger grills do feature more premium materials as well as better insulation that not only help their products last longer but also ensures better heat retention throughout the cooking process.

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Camp Chef started out with a vision of helping outdoor enthusiasts to be able to cook meals for themselves while out in the wilderness, and the company quickly grew and expanded its range into the realm of home cooking for the backyard cooking enthusiast.

Camp Chef grills are designed and tested at the Camp Chef headquarters in Cache Valley, Utah.

The manufacture of these grills, however, occurs in China, with the parts and materials being internationally sourced.

Feel free to check out our review on the Camp Chef Woodwind 24, one of their latest models.

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